Industry Highlights – Talk with Twitter’s Mastermind, Figuring out Fahsion-Tech Start-Ups, Second Hand Luxury in China, In The Wake of Sandy

Posted on October 31, 2012


Simplicity and Order for All

“First with Twitter, now with Square, Jack Dorsey has turned his obsession with elegance and efficiency into revolutionary products. Meet the tech mastermind with the soul of an artist” (WSJ)

Op-Ed | The Problem with Most Fashion-Tech Startups

“Fashion is an incredible industry. It’s sexy, it’s glamorous, it’s exciting. But it’s also incredibly complicated and the amount of change the Internet and other technology innovations will bring to this industry in the next decade will be mindboggling. Indeed, our offices have been swamped with business pitches from more than a thousand entrepreneurs who want to transform this industry.” (BoF)

Second-Hand Luxury Losing Stigma In China

“What Jing Daily referred to as the “spreading wildfire of luxury second-hand shops in China” last year continues to rage in China’s first- and second-tier cities (as well as over the border in Hong Kong).” (Jing Daily)
“Retailers escaped serious property damage from Hurricane Sandy, but many in the mid-Atlantic and Northeast remained operationally paralyzed Tuesday due to power outages and transportation shutdowns that could go on for days, if not into next week.” (WWD)
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