Industry Highlights – New Stars of India, PPR’s Savvy Laurent Claquin, Chinese Corruption Crackdown to Affect Luxury Market?, Amazon to Close Fashion Site, Halston Overhaul

Posted on September 24, 2012


New stars of India

“The country’s first Fashion Fund, an award that focuses on fresh talents, signals something of a coming of age for the industry” (FT)

How Laurent Claquin Of Luxury Leader PPR Keeps His (Well-Heeled) Feet On The Ground

“From forming strategic e-commerce partnerships to shadowing high-fashion shoppers, PPR’s Laurent Claquin is wielding some savvy management strategies to head up the French luxury conglomerate’s new Americas division.” (Fast Company)

China’s corruption crackdown takes shine off luxury boom

“Luxury brands banking on a China rebound to boost sales may be in for an unpleasant surprise: weak demand in the world’s second largest luxury market may last longer than the economic slowdown as Beijing cracks down on conspicuous consumption.” (Reuters)

Amazon to close fashion website

“ announced that it is closing its fashion website by the end of the month. The world’s largest Internet retailer is focusing on a new, upgraded apparel and accessories section of its main website.” (Fashion United)

Halston design house gets major alteration under new owner

“Ben Malka, who took over the storied Halston last year, has moved part of its operations to L.A. from New York and is working to put the pizazz back in the brand.” (LA Times)

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