Industry Highlights – War to Affect Lebanon Luxury, Grace Coddington and Balenciaga, Tom Ford on Industry Materialism, True Religion Expand to Brazil, Nine West Web Channel

Posted on August 22, 2012


Spill over of the civil war from Syria into Lebanon to impact the economy, including luxury industry

“Following the kidnapping of over 30 people in Lebanon in the past week has already prompted GCC countries to warm against travel to Lebanon. And it is widely known that foreign travellers from the GCC account for at least 50% of the turnover of the luxury market in Lebanon, both hospitality and retail, the capital of Beirut being known for its nightlife, restaurants and a more lax islamic culture.” (CPP)

Grace Coddington collaborates with Balenciaga

“US Vogue creative director Grace Coddington has created a capsule collection for Balenciaga named after her cat, Pumpkin.” (Telegraph)

Tom Ford Addresses the Fashion Industry’s Over-Emphasis on Materialism

“He might have made millions dressing some of the most famous men and women in the world, but Tom Ford has spoken out against the fashion industry’s over-emphasis on “materialism.” (Vogue UK)

Next Stop Brazil for True Religion’s International Expansion

“True Religion Apparel Inc.’s effort to spread its denim-based gospel around the world is headed to South America. The Vernon, Calif.-based premium jeans and sportswear marketer has signed a distribution agreement with TRX Brasil and will shortly disclose plans for its first store in Brazil, planned to be located in São Paulo.” (WWD)

A Channel on the Web Devoted to Shoes, for Those Who Can’t Get Enough

Fashion brands spend a lot of money and time to place their products in movies, dramas and reality television. Nine West, the mass-market shoe store chain, has decided to cut out the middleman and produce its own media. (NY Times)

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