Quick Thought – Supermodels to Supermen (Will This Last?)

Posted on August 21, 2012


Olympians as Fashion’s New Ambassadors

“….Sports personalities reach such a wide audience that no other celebrity can,” says Rosie Holden, director of John Doe, a marketing agency that work with Adidas. “The appeal goes beyond the usual demographic categories.”

While most models won’t be recognised by most consumers, these famous faces provide immediate association. Unlike a celebrity, though, Olympians are heroes, held in awe for their exceptional abilities. “An Olympics medal winner has reached the highest possible point of personal and sporting achievement,” says Ruth Mortimer, editor of Marketing Week. “By linking themselves to these people, brands are trying to create a shortcut to their own reputations in consumer minds.”

le Pont Wonders:

With the surprising positivity the Olympics was met with, has come a whole new idea in fashion of alternative role models, aesthetics and inspirations. It will be interesting to monitor this dramatic and seemingly lightning-fast change. Of course, athletes have been endorsing brands for years, but mainly this has been limited to activewear or predominantely sports-focused brands, with brief mentions of personalities like Serena Williams and David Beckham venturing into the high fashion world.

With more and more athletes entering this world, particularly Olympians – it will be interesting to see how long this deviation fashion has made, from “Supermodels” to “SuperMEN” (and women) as their inspiration, will last! Will the media/industry/brands (whoever else is responsible for making anyone feel as if there is a particular way to look) revert to inundating us with images of people who seem dangerously unhealthy or aritifical as a predisposed ideal of beauty? Will this feed body obsession even more, or will the reception to the Olympians remain a healthy admiration and a striving to better ourselves – showing determination and willpower, as well as confidence in our abilities? Furthermore, what could these new ambassadors mean for fashion on the wider scale, will it be possible to see a change on the runway also? Only time will tell, but in the meantime we definitely look forward to seeing the other new campaigns that could spring from this pairing and how they influence the industry in coming times.

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